November 5, 2018

Presentations from Beneplan HR Conference 2018

November 5, 2018

To view the presentations, please click on the names of presenters.Joel Gomes, Beneplan Inc.OVERVIEW: Real World HR Case learnings - HR Best Practices – Using templates/customization - HR Audits - Employee Contracts & Documentation, HR Policies, Managing Marijuana legalization at work - highlights of WSIA changes in effect April 6th 2018 (Bill 18 Amendments to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act) - Bill 148 repeal with Bill 47 Harwinder Ahluwalia, Morneau ShepellOVERVIEW: What comprises an employer sponsored EAP? – not just counselling/what else is new and a part of an EAP program - Why an EAP – Employee Mental Health – Market analysis & Findings – Raising employee awareness – Encourage using your EAP – Removing the EAP stigma – EAP as a total reward & retention option – Solutions to consider. Claude Freeman, ADR ServicesOVERVIEW: Benefits of ADR for parties - Significant reduction of costs and time spent on dispute settlement - Opportunity to restore business and personal relationships - Control over your legal destinyKeith Burkhardt, Sherrard KuzzOVERVIEW: Review 2018 legal aspects & case law examples - bill 148 repeal - Marijuana/ prohibited substances at work considerations - related unexpected court damage awards this year & outlines for what violation – what employers should be aware of to mitigate risk – current hot topics relating to employment law & what’s on the horizon for 2019?Sanjida Ahmed/Sara Temkit, Personalized Prescribing Inc.OVERVIEW: What is P3? - Why P3? - Saves $ on medication waste – Disability LoA’s & Employee/Employer impact - Reducing short/ long-term disability – transforming the workforce - Less medication-related absenteeism - Increased employee productivity and morale – P3 as a total rewards and retention option – Solutions to consider.


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