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Why Partner With Us

Thousands of businesses across Canada are being marginalized by the ever-increasing costs to provide coverage for their employees.  Our transparent and cost-conscious approach is the reason why so many businesses trust and stay with us.

We Support Our Advisors

We are 100% committed to providing every ounce of support from education, client care and helping you win and keep business.

Responsive Quotes & Accurate Answers

Creative Plan Designs For Your Clients

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High Client Retention

On average we retain 96% of our members on an annual basis. Your clients will be protected because we do the following:

Refunds on

Competitve TLR,
Stop Loss & IBNR

Fair & Honest

Customer Service

Competitive Commissions

We reward our broker partners with commission structures that rival the big guys. We implement a simple, flat commission program but always welcome alternative commission fees from brokers.


Fast responses, team approach, great pricing and most importantly—consistent results. It’s why I continuously advise my clients to go to Beneplan.

Brennan Gomer

Employee Benefits Advisor, HUB
Jagneet Malhotra


Beneplan is one of our agency’s preferred partners for good measure. Their team provides great support and are always finding new ways to keep us and our clients on the pulse.

Jagneet Malhotra

Smooth Migration & Roll Out

We understand that our performance is a reflection of your reputation. We work hard to ensurplan migration causes little to no disruption to your clients and their employees.

Dedicated Account Manager

Clear Communication
& Expectations

Simple Transfer of Employee Details

No Interuption
of Coverage

Advisors Corner

Get the latest scoop on news affecting the Canadian health benefits space.

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When we said we offer continuous learning, we really meant it. Every advisor has access to a library of our online training material designed to educate you on the latest concepts & practices in company health benefits.

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