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Dental & Vision Benefits

Dental & Vision


Prescription Drugs

Health Spending
&Wellness Accounts

Short &
Long Term Disability

Group Life

Dental & Vision

Regular dentist visits is key to maintaining good oral health. Coverage can include routine check ups & cleaning, peridontals (gums & mouth), endodontics (root canal) and major services.

Vision covers safety & prescription glasses, contact lenses and/or eye surgery.


Provide access to a whole host of specialized practitioners such as massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, just to name a few.

These services help deal with both acute and chronic physical conditions, relieve stress and provide preventative medicine.

Prescription Drugs

Part of the essentials of any benefits plan. It covers your employees' prescription drug expenses when provincial health plans fall short.

We offer a drug advocacy program to help our members find alternative sources to fund expensive drugs as this category commonly takes up the bulk of your benefit claims.

Health Spending &
Wellness Accounts

Offer a fixed budget per employee to spend on eligible health expenses at their discretion. In addition to tax advantages to both employees and employers, they also boost morale as they give employees a greater sense of control in making decisions that affect their own health.

This is usually offered as an add-on to existing coverage.

Short & Long Term Disability

Disability insurance provides replacement of lost income when an employee can't work due to injuries and illnesses (work related or not).

We provide excellent options to help our members and their employees get better sooner with a proactive approach to workplace wellness, including the use of Employee Family Assistance Plan.

Group Life Insurance

This benefit protects the financial security of your employees' families by giving them a tax-free payment in case of a loss of a loved one.

We are big advocates of getting life insurance as a percentage of employee salary compared to the traditional fixed sum. Speak to one of our advisors to learn about the advantages.




Beneplan’s execution of benefits, service and engagement is absolutely exceptional. I had the pleasure of working with them for over 6 years and would highly recommend their benefits model to all.

Chiara Affrunti

HR Director, National Logistics Services


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Our members get access to a whole host of value-add services not offered by your typical carriers. Majority are free of charge while some premium ones are available at heavily discounted rates.

  • Maple Telemedicine
  • Drug Assistance Program
  • HR Consultancy
  • Pharmacogenetics Testing
  • Employee Family Assistance Plan
  • Refunds On Premiums
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