May 1, 2012

Best benefits broker in Toronto by customer service

May 1, 2012

Best benefits broker in Toronto by customer service

The Beneplan Co-operative provides the best customer service out of any benefits broker in Toronto . Here’s why:• Multiple 1-800#s available for employees to call in with questions• A personal benefits consultant is assigned to each employer• Your benefits consultant can be reached by cell phone any time• Employers have access to the same world-class consulting as the large firms, but with no additional costBeneplan provides expertise on the following issues:• How to avoid lawsuits regarding benefits• How to take advantage of the EI Premium Reduction Program• How to avoid paying for benefits indefinitely with someone on disability• How to avoid over-insuring your long term disability• How to structure benefit plans to save money without cutting benefits• How to take advantage of the Ontario Trillium Drug Program• How to negotiate with dentists, pharmacists and other providers• How to deal with benefits around layoffs and severance• How to provide coverage to expatriates• How to have a claim paid even though the insurance company rejects it• How to handle benefits which are taxable to employees• How to navigate the bureaucracy of insurance companies• What to do if an employee tells you they have Cancer• How to avoid pay below-retail pricing for benefits• How to deal with tough Human Resource situationsCall 1.800.387.1670 or click here to find out how you can join the Beneplan Co-operative.


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