October 22, 2012

Custom Orthotic Inserts for $60 at Costco (2 pairs)

October 22, 2012

Many Canadian health benefit plans have coverage for orthotics or orthopaedic shoes. The plans we place through The Co-operators usually cover $300 or $500 for either custom orthotic inserts or custom orthopaedic shoes, which must be dispensed by a foot specialist such as a podiatrist or chiropodist.If you don’t have a benefit plan, or you are looking to save some money, the Dr Scholl’s FootMapping Kiosk is a time-saving and affordable way to pick up custom orthotic inserts.Dr Scholl’s calls it their FootMapping Technology. Customers would step on the foot bad to measure their arch, foot length and pressure points. The computer assesses the arch support needed and recommends a custom fit orthotic insert. The kiosk has 14 different measurements to choose from.It takes less than 2 minutes from start to finish, and 2 pairs costs a little over $60.Why should employers consider replacing their existing orthotic coverage with Dr Scholl’s custom orthotics?Fraud among orthotic coverage is rampant. One fraud detection agent at The Co-operators Life Insurance Co said that she was once tasked to visit all of the addresses of providers listed on the orthotic claims they received. ‘She drove around the GTA and found that 75% of the addresses which the claims were coming from were of P.O. Boxes. Many health clinics did not exist at all.Why are Dr Scholl’s custom orthotic less susceptible to fraud?In order to submit a fraudulent orthotic claim, all it takes is one unethical podiatrist who thinks that they can game the system. You’d be surprised how many people out there abuse benefit plans so freely. It’s quite easy to create a fake invoice.If coverage is replaced with Dr Scholl’s, the plan member must now submit a receipt from Costco or another reputable retailer which is not easy to fabricate. Plus, the perpetrator will have less incentive to scam this benefit if it only covers $60 per year instead of $300 or $500.Send Beneplan an email if you wish to amend your plan design with this coverage.


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