November 13, 2019
Dusan Baic

Dietitian Coaching Now Free For Beneplan Members with GreenShield

November 13, 2019
Dusan Baic

Improve your health and well being with custom meal plans and advice on making the right food choices

Eating a well balanced diet is not always the most intuitive option. We get bombarded with a dozens of options to and from work on a daily basis. It's safe to say that relying solely on fast and fried foods is not the way for a long and healthy life - especially for those living with chronic health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. At the same time, we are human and enjoying things in moderation is key. We all could use a little help from time to time in bridging this gap. This is where GreenShield's Dietitian Health Coaching program comes into play - a service now free to all Beneplan members with GreenShield (GSC).

About the program

Greenshield's Dietitian Health Coaching program is a counselling service where members will be paired with registered dieticians at Loblaw grocery store locations across Canada. Their expert consultations will translate scientific, medical, and nutrition information into practical healthy meal plans.

How does it work?

The Dietitian Health Coaching program consists of four sessions, delivered over four to eight months, with a registered dietitian at a participating Loblaw location:

Initial Assessment - The participant and dietitian discuss the participant’s current health, nutrition knowledge, and desired goals. The dietitian assesses and records certain measurable biometrics, such as blood pressure, waist circumference, and weight, and recommends a nutrition plan for the participant to follow.

Hands-on session - During the second visit, the dietitian leads a practical “hands-on” session, including how to read labels and shop the aisles of the local grocery store to support the nutrition plan and ongoing healthy eating habits.

Follow-up sessions – At the two follow-up visits, the dietitian reviews the participant’s progress and continues to provide coaching to help the participant achieve their desired goals.

How do I get started?

To make an appointment, simply send your request by clicking here to contact Loblaw.

In addition to being an existing GSC plan member, you will need to provide the following information: Name, GSC ID number, along with your address, phone number, and preferred method of contact.

A registered dietitian will then reach out to you to arrange a convenient time for your first appointment. They will also contact GSC and verify your benefits plan coverage.

What if there isn't a store near me offering the program?

If your community does not have a participating store offering the Dietitian Health Coaching program, you can still participate in the program remotely through telephone counselling. Use the same contact method described above to arrange an appointment and get started!

Check out GSC's Dietitian Health Coaching info page here.


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