October 27, 2021
Dusan Baic

Free Mental Health Therapy for Depression

October 27, 2021
Dusan Baic

Life can swing many things your way and often times we don't have the right tools to handle it all.

While conversations around mental health have never been more prevalent, gaining access to care can still be difficult in Ontario.

Sometimes when we're overwhelmed, even taking the first step to book a therapy session can feel daunting. Doing online research, finding the right therapist and re-working our schedules can feel like big barriers when we're going through it. Not to mention, it can also be expensive depending on the level of coverage you get from your group benefit plan.

Mindbeacon is a digital-first Therapist Guided Program that helps you develop resiliency and coping skills to better manage your mental health.

It offers access to a dedicated therapist who will provide you with a customized 12-week program that includes readings, exercises, and activities to help you learn and practice those new skills. And you can message with your therapist throughout the program through the MindBeacon platform.

Best part of all, it's completely free for Ontario residents.

Learn more by visiting their site here.


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