March 16, 2020
Dusan Baic

How Beneplan Members Will Be Affected By COVID-19

March 16, 2020
Dusan Baic

Dear Beneplan Members,

Given the evolving nature of the events related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis, we wanted to share the steps that we are taking during this time, and highlight any implications it may have to your employee benefits coverage. We want you to know that your safety will remain our top priority as this situation continues to evolve.

Our Lines Remain Open

Please be assured that we have business continuity plans and remote protocols in place to allow us to operate with as little disruption as possible. Our client care and support channels remain open and will be available with the same operating hours (M-F, 9am - 5pm EST). You can contact us via email, online chat and telephone (toll free 1-800-387-1670).

Workers Indemnity (WI) Claims

In response to the recent EI program changes made by the Federal Government, we will be making temporary changes to the Workers Indemnity program that include the level of sick-benefit coverage and the eligibility requirements to access this benefit. You can learn more about these changes here. This only impacts clients who have employer sponsored Workers Indemnity (WI) programs set up with us.

Out-of-Country Coverage

For those planning or thinking about travelling abroad during this period, we have compiled information on how various carriers will be addressing their respective out-of-country coverage. You can read more here.

Employee Benefits Coverage

To get the latest information on potential impacts to your plan’s employee benefits coverage and claims, we put together the latest updates from the following insurers:


The Co-operators

RBC Group Insurance


Humania - no formal update as of yet.

Virtual Medicine Support

Maple, Beneplan’s virtual care partner, can offer a solution for employers to provide access to medical support to their employees virtually for primary care needs, as well as COVID-19 screening. To learn about getting access to this coverage, speak with your benefits advisor.

Useful Resources For Your Employees

We’d like to remind our members of the complimentary access to Shepell’s Employee and Family Assistance program. This is a useful tool to help deal with a variety of indirect issues that can arise during managing this pandemic: stress, mental health, personal finances, nutrition, relationships, parenting and physical care. Your team can access this benefit by visiting Shepell’s site or calling toll free 1-844-880-9142.

Free HR Advisory For Plan Sponsors

Our dedicated in-house HR specialist is available to help you navigate through any HR challenges your team may face during this unprecedented time. Joel Gomes can be reached via email at or phone at +1 416-863-6718 ext. 268.

We Know This Is A Hard Time

We understand that your business will be facing financial challenges on all fronts during this period of uncertainty. We are committed in keeping our lines of communication open and helping you in any we can to alleviate some of this pressure. Again, if you need us, we're here to help.

A Special Message From Me To You


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Yafa Sakkejha

CEO, Beneplan


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