December 8, 2020
Dusan Baic

How To Minimize Short Term Disability Costs [employer guide]

December 8, 2020
Dusan Baic

There's no denying that every organization is powered by the people that run it. Unfortunately life events transpire, people get sick and they need to take time off work. In fact, 1 in 3 employees will have a sickness in their lifetime that will cause them to need 90 days off work (source: RBC Insurance). It's important to support your employees during this time so that they can recover comfortably and come back to the team productive and healthy. For these shorter term absences, employers can look into options such as paid sick leave and/or short term disability insurance.Offering short term disability insurance can be an expensive benefit that requires strategic setup so that its coverage is maximized and costs minimized. We explore several of these strategies in our 10 minute video below. If you would like to discuss these options for your business please reach out to your advisor or contact us at

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