March 15, 2021
Dusan Baic

Making The Case For Fertility Benefits

March 15, 2021
Dusan Baic

Infertility is often depicted as a dooms-day problem that grips the imaginations in futuristic sci-fi movies. In reality this problem is more present in Canadian lives than ever before. To be more specific, 1 in 6 Canadian couples in child bearing years are infertile. They simply cannot conceive. Because the nature of this issue is silent and lives behind closed doors, it's important to continue raising its awareness and showcase how more people and organizations can help curtail its upward trend.

Organized by Mapol and Conceivable Dreams, our CEO Yafa Sakkejha and Dr. Kimberly Lui from Mount Sinai Fertility discuss why it's important to, and how, employers can embrace more inclusive and family-friendly benefits.

Here are a few key take aways:

  • Canada's total fertility rate is at an all-time low.
  • Infertility is not just a woman's issue, it affects men as well.
  • Fertility treatments cost an average of $20,000. This exceeds available government funding.
  • Most employers do not provide any fertility benefits.
  • Employers can offer a basic level of fertility coverage for ~3% of their current premiums. This 3% budget can found by making simple "low hanging" plan adjustments that don't impact coverage for other items.

To watch the full webinar discussion click below.


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