March 3, 2021
Dusan Baic

Join Our Board of Directors

March 3, 2021
Dusan Baic

We are seeking 4 new members to join our board of directors who can help provide expertise, guidance and oversight to the Beneplan Co-operative and its affiliates. As a member-owned co-operative, we strive to achieve accountability and 100% transparency by involving our customers to take part in key decisions affecting the co-operative. This is also an opportunity to meet and network with fellow executives (CEOs, CFOs, VPs of HR etc) already part of the Beneplan board. Those who are interested in applying, please complete this application. Applicants will be reviewed internally and then nominated by the board at our upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Full details on responsibilities, requirements are listed below.


  • Provide insight, guidance and oversight to issues affecting the Beneplan co-operative
  • Attend and vote on decisions in Beneplan’s Annual General Meeting (typically scheduled in April)
  • Dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per year and up to 30 hours per year should you wish to join additional committees


  • Must be a current Beneplan customer
  • Experience acting on behalf of a plan sponsor when negotiating employee benefit plans

How To Apply

  • Complete your application here.


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