September 16, 2019
Joel Gomes

No Smoking & No Vaping Signs for Businesses

September 16, 2019
Joel Gomes

With cannabis now legalized and vaping becoming increasingly popular, it is imperative that businesses comply with the province's amended posting requirements for smoke and vape free spaces.

If you are an employer or owner of an enclosed workplace, public place or other places as described in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017, you must post a certain number of individual signs OR combined signs (tobacco and e-cigarette) at each entrance, exit and washroom. These signage postings ensure that employees and the public know that they cannot smoke or vape anything there. To learn if your business space falls under the definitions of enclosed workplace or enclosed public space, click here.

How to get signage for your workplace:

  • order these signs from your local public health unit (exception: Electronic Cigarette Sign) OR
  • print your own by downloading the PDF version (right-click and choose “Save link as…”) from this link
  • get more detail about the size & placement specifications behind these signs in the legislation

To learn more about your obligations and where smoking tobacco/cannabis or vaping is banned in Ontario, visit the provincial website for details. While the website is quite detailed and informative, employers should pay special attention to sections 9 and 10.


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