March 23, 2021
Yafa Sakkejha

We Are Raising Our Minimum Health Standards

March 23, 2021
Yafa Sakkejha

APRIL 2021 UPDATE: We've added an FAQ to address some questions and concerns since this announcement was published.

A personal note from Yafa Sakkejha, CEO of Beneplan.

Dear Beneplan Members,

This year has been a lot. While we will continue focusing on the pandemic, we wanted to pause and reflect on how other areas of people's lives are impacted.

At Beneplan, we asked ourselves - how we can offer more support? How can we use our powers for good to continue fighting for the underdog?

We wanted to raise awareness to issues that don't get the spotlight they deserve. Through countless conversations with members, carriers and advisors, we noticed we had an opportunity to offer more coverage for many high-impact life necessities.

Leveraging the power of our large co-operative, we went to insurers and asked for support. Here's what we got in return.

Effective May 1st 2021, we will apply minimum standards to our benefit plans with the following enhancements:

  1. Adding Breast Pump coverage at $300 per lifetime
  2. Adding Fertility Drug coverage at $2,500 per lifetime
  3. Increasing Psychology, Social Worker/Counsellor, Master of Social Work or Psychotherapist to $1,000/year/individual
  4. Adding Erectile Dysfunction drugs at $500 per lifetime 
  5. Adding Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) at $200 per lifetime
  6. Add Smoking Cessation Coverage
  7. For groups with the Cooperators, add Anti-Smoking Drug coverage at $300/lifetime
  8. For groups with Greenshield, add one course of treatment in their Smoking Cessation Program in any 12 month period

At the effective date, these plan enhancements will impact new groups immediately while existing members will get updated at their next amendment. Please note this change will not impact existing member premiums. A mass change to booklets requires systems changes so we thank you for your patience. If a plan already has the above in place, no change will be made unless requested by you, the plan sponsor.

We strongly believe these enhancements better reflect the changing needs of our members and we are proud to lead the way. We hope that this standard encourages others in the industry to follow suit.

This announcement is sent in advance of the changes taking effect. In the meantime, we hope to capture feedback and address any questions you, our Beneplan members, may have.

-Yafa Sakkejha


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